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Veteran family polyculture farm using sustainable practices in the Western Highlands of Tennessee.
Demeter Springs Farm at Nashville Punk Rock Flea Market
Winter Ivy looking out over DSF.

After devoting many years to the mobile military life, our family found a spot to sustainably farm and settle on just south of Paris, Tennessee in 2017.


We started our flock of chickens that year, choosing Easter Eggers to begin with. We now have a "barnyard mix" of several breeds. We purchased our herd of grass-fed British White cattle the next year, and are immensely happy with this underappreciated, dual-purpose, gentle breed. Recently we've been enjoying the addition of our "Quack Club", Pekin ducks and Embden geese, to our farm family. Our animals have been integral in our work to improve the soil in our fields to grow crops, where we plan to focus on cultivating herbs, flowers, fruit, and fungi. We do follow many biodynamic practices and National Organic Practices, but we are not currently certified organic. We are keeping our records to aid in becoming certified one day, however.


We also offer our own line of herbals, Earth Rose Herbals, which includes tea (tisane) blends, flower essences, aromatherapy, plant extracts, salves, candles, and bath and beauty products. We use sustainably cultivated or wildcrafted products from here on the farm whenever possible. When we cannot, for instance, we are unlikely to be able to grow tropical crops, we source them from high quality companies that support free trade, organic, sustainable businesses. We also have a line of wood carvings, Carvings by Father Bill, carved by Father Bill, priest of the Anglican Catholic Church, who we call Grandpa. Soon, we will be offering sewn, knit, crochet, and/or macrame fiber art products like bags, clothing, bath and kitchen items, magical motifs and more using natural materials.


The key ingredient in our products is love from us and this enchanting land. We hope you enjoy them, and thank you for your support!


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