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We enter late summer of 2022.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We had our first official market event in Paducah for Independence Day yesterday, and had a blast. We met lots of great folks, saw some great fireworks over the river, listened to some great live music, and enjoyed downtown Paducah, which reminded me a lot of old school Nashville before it was so immensely crowded! We definitely look forward to doing more events in Paducah and thank you to everyone there that made us feel so welcome. In the meantime, anyone in the Paducah area can find some of our products at Butterfly and Tree Jewelry's boutique at 3201 Schneidman Rd. They have all their information on Google and at their website

We usually don't schedule any events when the "melt your face off" late summer weather kicks in after July 4th. During this time we like to catch up on farm tasks as best as we can around the weather and start to prepare for the fall and winter season. This year we are also starting to prepare to begin selling nursery plants. Resources have been scarce since the shutdown, so we're planning on just starting out super small with some herbs and perhaps some berries. This is also the best time for me to make some crochet creations as I try to take it as easy as much as a farmer mom can in the air conditioning. I'm hoping to get several items finished by our next winter event at least, which will be Nashville Punk Rock Flea Market again, very likely in December. Details are being planned currently, and we'll be sure to keep folks posted on that, but you can also follow Nashville Punk Flea Rock Market on their website and on their social media as well. Links are listed below.

Nashville Punk Rock Flea Market Website

Nashville Punk Rock Flea Market Facebook

Nashville Punk Rock Flea Market Instagram

We absolutely miss being a part of the spring and fall iiEnergyWorks Metaphysical Fairs and are looking for new markets/fairs to fill the void, especially spring and fall ones, especially metaphysical ones, and especially in the Clarksville area, perhaps even the Dickson area. If yall have any suggestions, feel free to let us know through the website here or through our Instagram page. In the meantime, stay cool, drink plenty of water, perhaps some nourishing herbal infusions too, and we'll keep you updated!