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Our next market will be at the Murphysboro Apple Festival!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We are happy to announce that we have finally found an apple festival to be a part of!

Apples are very sacred! They have been a huge part of surviving, as well as thriving, over many thousands of years! They are a part of the Rose family, so of course I love them for that, but they have played such an important part of homestead and farms, including ours. They are a great source of nutrition, taste great, and have had a large role in the religions and mythology of many cultures across the world. It's no wonder apples are so celebrated! Apples are magical!

We are blessed to have a couple sweet crabapple varieties here on the farm that we very much enjoy the gifts of every year. We are also planning on increasing the amount and varieties that we have growing. We use apple cider vinegar in our acetums (infused vinegars) and oxymels ("ciders"). Apples are part of our farm nucleus, and so, we've been looking for a festival to be involved with in honoring them for a while. We just recently found out about the Murphysboro Apple Festival in Illinois and will be there on September 16th and 17th selling our usual herbal goodies and wood carvings. I've been working on a few apple themed crochet items to bring as well as some new apple themed aromatherapy and tea blends. We should have a fresh batch of Fire Cider ready by then too, which is made with apple cider vinegar. We already have our Crabapple Flower Essence. SO many apple product ideas come to my mind, but we only just found out about this festival, so we'll get as many done as we can by then. Now that we do know about this festival, we will have a whole year to prepare for the next one, however. We are so excited to celebrate this magnificent gift to us humans plant. We have no malice for Malus!

We are also happy to say that we will have our booth next to our dear farm family friends Butterfly and Tree Jewelry at this Apple Festival, so no wandering around to try to find us both! With that said, with as big and fun as this festival sounds, you will very likely quite enjoy wandering around! Hope to see yall there!


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