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Next Market in Paducah on the 4th!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Happy Independence Day yall!

We will be at our last market for the summer season in the fabulous city of Paducah, KY! This will be our first market appearance in Paducah, and how exciting for it to be an Independence Day celebration downtown on Broadway right by the river! There will be all kinds of activities, including fireworks over the river, food, drinks, and many other very talented vendors like our close friends Butterfly and Tree Jewelry! Check them out at and on their social media accounts. You will not be disappointed with their large and beautiful selection of jewelry, clothing, and more. As a customer of theirs ourselves, we can assure you of that. We will have our usual assortment of wood carvings and botanicals, some of which are on sale while supplies last, and those stock numbers are dwindling.

Feel free to check out the event info at for details. We hope to see yall there and may you all have a safe and fun day celebrating freedom for all!


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